We help children with ADHD (ASD) live a better life.
Neurofeedback and AI-based drug-free Brain training system for kids with ADHD (ASD) and mental health professionals.
We Help Kids Improve Their Brain Health
For children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), PigPug provides treatment through a comfortable, wireless headset called an EEG-neuroheadset, which measures brainwaves and provides neurofeedback while children interact with mobile games on an online platform.

Using evidence-based neurofeedback techniques, technology helps children improve their attention while playing training games, there by overcoming attention deficiency and increasing learning skills.
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We Help Clinicians Grow Their Practices
As a clinician, you can offer your clients the option to train from home using our easy-to-use, remote EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) equipment.

Despite its simplicity, it still gives you complete control over your clients' sessions, protocols, training channels, and frequencies - even in real-time!

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We provide a full set of devices necessary for the treatment:
✔ Online platform for mental health specialists;
✔ AI diagnostic and initial protocols;
✔ Wearable EEG headsets for kids;
✔ Mobile apps for Android and iOS.
How it works?
1. Neuroheadset
Neuroheadset measures brain activity and transmits the signal to mobile phone or tablet.
2. Mobile games and Neurofeedback
Using evidence-based neurofeedback techniques, children constantly improve their attention while playing our training games, thereby overcoming attention deficiency and increasing learning skills.
3. Online platform
Children can receive remote supervising through online platform which connects them with neurofeedback trainers.

Is PigPug safe?
PigPug is safe and completly non-invasive. The PigPug headset passively records brain activity in the same way a heart rate monitor measures your heart beat. There is no brain stimulation or any electrical activity going into the brain. The device communicates with mobile devices using low energy Bluetooth and has passed all necessary FCC certifications. In addition, there were no adverse events reported by any participants in our clinical study.
Is wearing the PigPug headset comfortable?
Absolutely! We set out from the beginning to develop a headset that could fit comfortably regardless of head size or shape. The interior part of the headband is made with a soft silicone, and the EEG sensor on the top of the head is made with a soft, flexible elastomer that flexes and spreads to distribute pressure. Reference sensors on the earclip are held in place by a spring that has been calibrated to produce very little pressure, and most users find the device can be worn for hours without discomfort. Some even forget they're wearing it! The adjustable ear pieces and flexible band design make it easy to fit the device on heads of all sizes in individuals ages 5 and up.
What do i need to use PigPug?
You'll need an iPhone, iPad or Android device and a PigPug EEG headband. Devices must support Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE.) The PigPug headset measures your brain activity using its EEG sensors. The PigPugt app connects to the headset in order to get these measurements in real-time and provide the neurofeedback training.
Is this a treatment for ADHD?
Yes, PigPug was designed to help kids with ADHD.
We offer individual and group plans.
Subscriptions require a PigPug headset and compatible device.
Required for training

  • + PigPug Headset - $199
  • + iOS (Apple) or Android Mobile Device

*Also compatible with some NeuroSky headsets
Your brain loves to feel good.
PigPug is your personal brain training assistant.
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