Offer Remote Neurofeedback With Complete Clinician Control

Powerful Clinical Dashboard
Set up, customize, and monitor your clients' EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) training from anywhere using our intuitive web dashboard.
Expand Your Client Base
Offer your clients reliable, supervised home neurofeedback to suit their lifestyle and budget with PigPug.

Reach new clients who can't make regular visits to the clinic, or retain existing clients by providing them more convenient training - all while decreasing your overhead clinic costs!

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Make Home Neurofeedback Work for You
With PigPug's easy to use home system, you can offer clients the ability to train anywhere and any time.

Your clients can train more frequently and at their convenience, while you maintain complete control over their training program, saving everyone valuable time.

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Live Monitoring
Monitor remote training in real-time, anytime, anywhere, using our live session feature.

Customizable Protocols
Choose training frequencies, active and reference electrodes, thresholds, and even set custom frequencies to provide professional, customized training.
Data Analytics and Reporting
Our reliable dashboard and neurofeedback equipment allow you to track your clients' training progress, brainwave data, and even real-life metrics, and share with them custom-made reports for better remote care.
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