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Treating developmental disorders with the help of neurotechnologies 

We treat ADHD and attention deficiency

Nowadays we see an epidemy of attention deficit. It has spread all over the world, all the generations are suffering. But millions of children suffer the most. Children are supposed to take pills with side effects. And taking into account the complexity of correct dosage setting the children who take such treatment can feel anxious, have troubles with sleeping, appetite loss and nausea.    

What we propose?


 Children wear a comfortable, wireless headset that measures their brainwaves.  


 With the help of evidence-based method called Neurofeedback, children constantly improve their attention while playing games.

Mobile games

Playing in our training games helps to overcome attention deficiency and learn better.


4 EEG channels

 Scientifically proven electrode placement for ADHD treatment 

Dry electrodes

 No need in special electroconductive gel 

Wireless and long time working

 Up to 8 hours without charging 

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