Brain training system for mental health specialists
We develop a comfortable, wireless headset for children and neurofeedback training apps.
How it works?
1. Neuroheadset
Neuroheadset measures brain activity and transmits the signal to mobile phone or tablet.
2. Mobile games and Neurofeedback
Using evidence-based neurofeedback techniques, children constantly improve their attention while playing our training games, thereby overcoming attention deficiency and increasing learning skills.
3. Online platform
Children can receive remote supervising through online platform which connects them with neurofeedback trainers.

Meet our team
Vitali Karpeichyk
CTO of Nito (acquired by AOL in 2016)
Senior iOS developer at SOLS (acquired in 2017)
Dmitry Belous
Medical doctor. Responsible for science.
Andrei Pliachko
Neurofeedback therapist. Has big experience in working with children with ADHD.
Aliaksei Varyvada
Hardware engineer
Bachelor degree in engineering. Experience in analog and digital circuit design, PCB layout.
Andrei Savich
Lead Design Engineer
Experience in design of parts of varying complexity and preparation engineering documentation.
Advisory board
Juan Ricardo Diaz
Neurofeedback advisor
Juan Ricardo Diaz is a Hispanic leader in the wellness and self improvement
areas. He had been doing Neurofeedback for the last 15 years, more than 15,000 sessions done during that period of time and dozens of international training for clinicians in more than five countries. Right now he is the major certified instructor for Hispanics in the US
Tsimafei Savitski
Legal advisor
Experienced IT and corporate lawyer within startup and VC industry. LL.M. in IT law (The John Marshall Law School, Chicago)
Our partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or investor, please feel free to write us.
Brooklyn, New York
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