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Meet the Founders Tackling America's Mental Health Crisis
Mental illness has reached an all-time high. Here's how ten StartUp Health companies aim to fix that.
What's going on with mental illness in America?

Almost half of all Americans will now have an episode of mental illness in their lifetime.

... Now, more than ever, mental health is making headlines: Depression plays a role in the national opioid crisis, as depressed patients are more likely to use opioids to manage their sleep and stress than non-depressed patients, and more likely to use them longer. And this year, "burnout syndrome" was recognized as an official diagnosis for the very first time.

The founders below are committed to putting an end to the epidemic of mental illness and psychological suffering.
PigPug at StartUphealth 2020
For children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), PigPug provides treatment through a comfortable, wireless headset called an EEG-neuroheadset, which measures brainwaves and provides neurofeedback while children interact with mobile games on an online platform.

Using evidence-based neurofeedback techniques, technology helps children improve their attention while playing training games, thereby overcoming attention deficiency and increasing learning skills.
Vitali Karpeichyk, CEO of PigPug
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